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Stay with it..

I came away from this last retreat with Pema Chodron and Sakyong Mipham with a pretty simple message. I didn't have any huge insights but I did get a deeper sense of clarity.

Everything they said, about how important it is to feel what we feel - how this leads naturally to compassion for others - how important it is in the big picture with everything we face as a species that we do this kind of personal practice... it all seemed to say - yes.

Stay with it. Keep going.

And also there was the acknowledgement that this is difficult. It's hard not to get overwhelmed by despair - even when the sun is shining.

It's hard to come back to a place of energy and enthusiasm when we do get overwhelmed.

And everything seems to take so much longer than it seems like it should...

Stay with it.

One of the teachers at the retreat, Adam Lobel, said something I found very encouraging: 

Don't wait until you have it all together to do what you can to help the world.

Well, I certainly don't have it all together. It's good to contemplate that perhaps I don't have to.

Stay with it.

If I (not having it together) and you (not having it together) stay with ourselves and do what we can, mistakes and all...

It's possible this makes a difference. A big difference over time.

Stay with it.


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